• Awards Show

    The Orange County Film Festival recognizes young filmakers for their excellence with a one-night-only award show.
  • Categories

    Filmmakers submit their films to a variety of categories including Short Film, Music Video, PSA, and Commercial. Individuals are also nominated to be honored for excellence in Directing, Producing, Cinematographer and more.
  • A Red Carpet Affair

    Upon arriving at the Orange County Film Festival Awards Show, attendees have an opportunity to socialize and network with a community of filmmakers on the red carpet.
  • Watch the Films

    Past OCFF winners and nominees are available to watch in our Viewing Room.
  • Dodgeball

    Another in a long line of impressive commercials from Capistrano Valley.
  • Alumni

    By creating a partnership with FilmEd Academy of the Arts, CAE has continued to collaborate on projects with alumni all over the country. Past OCFF nominees have landed jobs at NBC/Universal, CBS, BBC, Anonymous Content, The Sparkhouse, the Antfarm, and the list goes on.
  • Fundraising

    The OCFF needs your help to keep the magic alive. There are may ways to get involved. Click here to see our fundraising packet.
  • Home comes when we least expect it.

    A music video by filmmaker Brian Hart that took home awards for best Music Video, Graphics and Editing at OCFF 2013
  • Uh-Oh

    Re-watch the award winning short film from producer Jacqueline Donahue and Filmaker of the Year Nathan Rickard.

Founded in 2003, The Orange County Film Festival is designed to showcase the work of up and coming filmmakers throughout Orange County.

With over 700 people in attendance annually, OCFF has become a widely anticipated event in Southern California that has received recognition nationwide. CAE continues to support and sponsor this glamorous one night only experience that has brought students, families, and the community together to celebrate artistic excellence in filmmaking.

Sara Clausen

Torrey Tayenaka

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